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Unknown person Name : William Henry Paffett

Son of : William Henry Paffett and Dorothy Louise Paffett (née Burden) of Portsmouth. (Stepson of Thurza Eliza Paffett (née Gale)).

Born : 1920, Portsmouth (GRO - registered Jun 1920 qtr, Portsmouth 2b 837).
  Electoral roll information :

1933 - 38 : William and Thurza Paffett are listed at Westbourne, Victoria St., Ventnor.

  Service Details :

AB P/JX 148490 William Henry Paffett, H.M.S. Acasta, Royal Navy.

  Casualty Details :

Died : 8 June 1940, aged 20.

Commemorated at : Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire.

CWGC Record
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ventnor Holy Trinity Church South Wight Scouts War Memorial
Ventnor War Memorial

  Documents and Newspaper cuttings :


Friday, June 14, 1940 Page 2

Ventnor and the War
Intimation was received on Monday that William Henry Paffett, Able Seaman, son of Mr. W.H. Paffett, of Westbourne, Victoria Street, is missing and believed to be a prisoner of war. He was a member of the crew of H.M.S. Acasta, a destroyer, which was announced as believed sunk by enemy action off Norway. Before joining the Navy four years ago he was employed at Messrs. H. Ingram's branch established in High Street. Mr. and Mrs. Paffett will have the sympathy of us all in their grave anxiety. Richard, Mr. Paffett's younger son, is at the Naval Training School of St. George, Douglas, Isle of Man.
(not all the report has been transcribed)


Friday, July 12, 1940 Page 2

Ventnor and the War.
Feared Lost in Action
A few weeks ago we reported that Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Paffett, of Westbourne, Victoria Street, had received official notification that their elder son, William Henry, aged 20, was reported missing and believed to be a prisoner of war following the loss of his ship, H.M.S. Acasta, a destroyer, in Norwegian waters. This week a further communication from the Naval authorities came to hand which stated that as his name did not appear in a list of 35 survivors of his and other ships, any hopes of his being alive now were extremely remote. Mr. and Mrs. Paffett will have the sincere condolences of us all on receipt of this sad intelligence. Their son was a very promising young man with four years' service to his credit, and before the loss of the Acasta had been involved in two previous alarming experiences since the outbreak of war.
(not all the report has been transcribed)

Bill and Dick Paffett, sent wreaths to the Lale family following the death of Norman Albert Oliver Lale on 16 Oct 1939.


Friday, February 21, 1941
Page 2

PAFFETT, William Henry. - Feb. 26th - Cherished memories on the 21st anniversary of my dear brother's birthday. Reported missing from H.M.S. Acosta, June 1940. From his sister Maud, brother-in-law Ernie, and nephew Alan.
Sweetest memories of one so dear
Are oft recalled with a silent tear.
PAFFETT, William Henry Feb. 26th. In remembrance of dear Bill's 21st birthday. Missing from H.M.S, Acasta. Always remembered by Molly.
"This day brings back many memories."
PAFFETT, W.H. (Billie). - In loving memory of our darling son's 21st birthday. Reported missing on H.M.S. Acasta, June 1940. - From his loving Mum, Dad, also Brother Richard (Dick) serving in H.M.S.
Three little words - "Forget him not" -
Too dearly loved to be forgot.


Friday, February 21, 1941
Page 3
W.H. Paffett, A.B.
News has now come from the Admiralty that the officers and men of H.M. Ships Glorious, Ardent and Acasta, which were lost on 9th June, 1940, must be presumed dead. W.H. Paffett, A.B., of Ventnor, who was lost from the Acasta, was well known by many in the town.
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