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In the Prison Grounds, HMP Parkhurst, Parkhurst, Isle of Wight
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The memorial is not yet recorded by the War Memorials Archive

A plaque mounted on a cairn of stones to commemorate all those (officers and prisoners alike) who fought and died for their country in the First World War. The plaque and stone cairn were built by prisoners as part of learning practical skills in horticulture and landscaping.

The Memorial was dedicated and unveiled at a ceremony on 4 December 2008. The ceremony was led by the Revd Eric Maple, Coordinating Chaplain at HMP Parkhurst, and attended by, among others, The Island High Sheriff Mr Alan Titchmarsh, Cllr Lady Sally Pigot representing the Isle of Wight Council, and Wing Commanders Neil Jones and Geoffrey Maple representing the Armed Forces.

Thanks to the Governors and Officers of HMP Parkhurst for information about the Memorial

Parkhurst War Memorial
Parkhurst War Memorial
Photographs Copyright © HMP Parkhurst

In Memory
Of All Those Who Went From
To Serve Their Country
And Made
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Further Information (from the Revd Eric Maple)

The decision to adopt the idea of a cairn as a traditional way of remembrance was taken by Vicky Baker, the then Deputy Governor, Brian Manser, the officer in charge of the Gardens' Party and the Revd Eric Maple. Transforming the concept into reality was principally down to Brian Manser who oversaw its construction. The prisoners involved wish to remain anonymous.

The report of the dedication ceremony was given in the Isle of Wight County Press of 12 December 2008.

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