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Unknown person Name : George Tharle.

Son of James Tharle and Caroline Tharle (née Mackett), of Upper Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
Born 1891, Ventnor.

His brother Robert Tharle also died during WW I.
  Census Information :

1901 : James and Caroline Tharle, with their family including George, are at 2, Lucknow, Lowther Road, Ventnor. James Tharle is a Labourer.

1911 : George Tharle is listed on the return of the 1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment in Aldershot.

  Service details :

Private 8230 George Tharle, 1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment

He entered service in WW I on 23 Aug 1914 and was awarded the 1914 Star, British War Medal, and Victory Medal.
  Casualty Details :

Died : 18 April 1918 'age 30'

Buried at : Gonnehem British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

CWGC record ...
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ventnor War Memorial
County War Memorial, Carisbrooke Castle

  Documents :


Friday, February 5, 1915 Page 4

The candles which were collected through the enterprise of Nurse Hanson have been delivered at the front, and an acknowledgment received from Saddler W. Beavis, 34th Brigade, R.F.A., and Pte. G. Tharle, C. Company, Hants Regiment. A further consignment has been despatched to the Lancashire Regiment. Nurse Hanson returns thanks to all donors for these useful gifts. Driver Adolphus Beavis, son of Mrs. Beavis, of Sydney Terrace, has returned to his regiment from Ventnor, where he has been recuperating after receiving bullet wounds in the arm and thigh.


Friday, February 23, 1917 Page 1

A son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Tharle, of Upper Ventnor, has returned to the Front this week. He has been four times wounded.


Friday, April 26, 1918 Page 2

We regret to hear that Mr. and Mrs. J. Tharle, of Lowtherville, have lost another son in the war. Casualties among the men serving from Lowtherville are very high - we have heard they are placed at over 20.


Friday, May 3, 1918 Page 2

THARLE. - In loving and affectionate remembrance of Seaman Robert (Bert) Tharle, who lost his life in the Battle of Jutland, May 31st, 1916. Asleep in the Deep. - Also in memory of Corporal George Tharle, Hants Regiment, who was killed in action in France, April 18th, 1918. Both sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. Tharle, Lowtherville. - A tribute of love from his father, mother, brothers, and sweetheart (Doll).
Could we but kneel beside his grave,
And shed a silent tear,
But, oh, he sleeps in a hero's grave,
The one we love so dear.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tharle desire to return their warmest thanks to all friends for the many expressions of sympathy they have received in the loss of their son.

Page 3

Definite official news has now been received by Mrs. Tharle, of Lowtherville, respecting her son, Corporal George Tharle, Hants Regiment, who was killed in action in France. He had over nine years' service in the Hampshires, before joining which he worked for Mr. T. Brading. He went out with his regiment on the outbreak of war, and had been wounded no less than four times, for which he wore the stripes of honour. He also wore the Mons ribbon. Mrs. Tharle has received the following letters respecting her sad loss:- You will have heard the sad news that your son, Corpl. Tharle, was killed by a shell yesterday, April 18th. I can testify to the fact that death was instantaneous, as I saw all that happened. Yesterday afternoon I buried him - just outside the village near which his battalion was at the time. I know how ineffectual words are at a time like this; the blow will be a heavy one for you, yet I do feel for you very deeply - especially as I am writing to you only a few days after leaving my own mother, who the day before I left received the news of the loss of one of my brothers. In your sorrow I can only point you to Him, who promises to us His peace even in the tribulation and sorrow of dark days like these. May you really find the truth of his promise "I am with you always." This I know is especially true when trouble like this comes along. He is there to help fill the vacancy. With deepest sympathy and my earnest prayers that you may be helped through this time of sadness.
E.C. HODGES, Chaplain

I deeply regret to inform you that your son, No. 8230, Corpl. G. Tharle, of "C" Company, 1st Hants, was killed about 7 a.m. this morning by a stray shell, which caught him in the head as he was digging and killed him quite instantaneously and painlessly. He was buried in a small cemetery near by, and the Chaplain read the service over him. He was an excellent N.C.O., one of the best in my company, and would probably have risen to sergeant fairly soon had he lived. Also he was an exceptionally nice man, whom I thoroughly liked and trusted, and there is genuine regret through the company at his death.
J.P. CAUSTON. Captain

This is the second son Mr. and Mrs. Tharle have lost in the war, their eldest son, Able Seaman Robert (Bert) Tharle, having been killed in the Battle of Jutland. Other families at Lowtherville have been heavily bereaved. The roll of honour for Lowtherville is now marked with nearly thirty casualties.


Friday, May 10, 1918 Page 2

In loving memory of my two dear brothers killed in action, L.S. R. Tharle, H.M.S. Southampton, and Corporal G. Tharle, 1st Hants Regiment.
I often think of days gone by
When we were three together,
Two better brothers never lived
And dear ones gone forever.
Sadly missed by his loving brother, Corporal A.J. Tharle, R.G.A.


Friday, June 14, 1918 Page 3
Ventnor District Council.
Letters were read from Mrs. Glaire and Mrs. Tharle, acknowledging the Council's vote of condolence passed at the last meeting. (not all the report has been transcribed)


Friday, April 18, 1919 Page 2

THARLE. - In ever-loving memory of our two dear sons, L.S. R. Tharle and Corpl. G. Tharle, who were killed in action. "Peace, Perfect Peace." - From Mum and Dad.

THARLE. - In memory of our two dear brothers, L.S. R. Tharle, killed in the Jutland Battle, May 31st, 1916, and Corpl. G. Tharle, 1st Hants Regiment, killed in action, April 18th, 1918. Ever in our thoughts. - From their loving brothers and sisters.


Friday, April 16, 1920 Page 2

THARLE. - in ever loving memory of Robert James Tharle (Bert), who lost his life on H.M.S. Southampton, May 31st, 1916. "Asleep in the deep." - Also of Corpl. George Tharle, 1st Hants Regiment, killed in France, April 18th, 1918. "Rest in peace." - From his loving Mother and Father, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tharle, Upper Ventnor, and his brothers and sisters.

We little thought when we said good-bye
We were parted for ever, and you were to die.
But a foreign grave was the bitterest blow
That only aching hearts can know.
One is laid to rest in a far off grave,
And the other we shall never see,
But as long as life and memory lasts,
We will remember thee.

THARLE. - In loving memory of my dear brothers, Bert, who lost his life on HM.S. Southampton May 31st, 1916. - Also Corpl. George Tharle, 1st Hants Regiment, killed in France, April 18th, 1918.

Some may think that I forget them
When they sometimes see me smile,
But they little know the sorrow
That the smiles hide all the while.

Sadly missed. - From their loving brother, Jack.


Friday, April 7, 1939 Page 3

Death of Local Residents
Yet another link with old Ventnor has been severed by the death on Monday of Mr. James Tharle, of Newport Road, at the ripe age of 88. Mr. Tharle, had remained wonderfully active to the last. He was formerly employed as a gardener at Steephill Castle in the days of Major Hambrough, and later did jobbing work about the town. He will be remembered by some people by reason of his participation in sports on Regatta Days, such as walking or climbing the greasy pole, an art in which he was quite adept. Mr. Tharle sustained a heavy blow during the war by the loss of two sons on active service. Mrs. Tharle survives her husband and, with other members of the family, will have the sympathy of many friends at this time. The funeral takes place to-day (Thursday)


Friday, April 14, 1939 Page 2

THARLE. - On April 3rd, at Ditton Villa, Ventnor, James Tharle, dearly loved husband of Caroline Tharle, aged 88.

THARLE. - Mrs. Tharle and family return heartfelt thanks for all letters and messages of sympathy received in their great loss. They also wish to thank the many friends for beautiful flowers.


Friday, May 26, 1939 Page 2

THARLE. - In ever loving remembrance of our two dear sons and brothers, Corpl. George Tharle, 1st Hampshire Regiment, killed in action in France, April 18th, 1918; also L/S Robert Tharle killed in the Jutland battle, May 31st, 1916. - From Mother, sisters and brothers.


Friday, June 22, 1945 Page 2

THARLE. - On June 17, at Ditton Villa, Upper Ventnor, Mrs. Tharle passed peacefully away, after a brief illness, aged 82 years.
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