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D G C Gribble Name : Dorian George Gribble

Son of : David Curle Gribble, and Gladys Ethel Joanna Gribble (née Pinson), of Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Born : 18th June 1919, Hendon, Middlesex.

His mother remarried, in 1939, Gordon John Evans, at the Register Office, Newport, Isle of Wight.
  Service Details :

Flight Lieutenant 40695 Dorian George Gribble, D.F.C., Royal Air Force

Dorian George Gribble was born in Hendon on 18th June 1919. He joined the RAF on a short service commission in March 1938, and gained his pilot's licence on 19th April 1938. He went to No 1 RAF Depot at Uxbridge on 7th May 1938 and on the 19th of that month was posted to 11 Flying Training School at Shawbury.
Gribble joined 54 Sqn at Hornchurch in December 1938, flying Gloster Gladiator aircraft, soon to be replaced by Spitfires. With 54 Sqn Gribble claimed a Bf109 destroyed on a patrol over France on 24th May 1940. The next day his aircraft was damaged in combat and he landed on a beach near Dunkirk. Carrying his radio, which he considered too secret to let fall into enemy hands, he returned to England by ship, and rejoined his squadron.
On 25th July 1940 he claimed two Bf109s destroyed; on 15th August he destroyed a Bf109, and damaged a Bf110 and two He111s. He was credited with a probable Bf109 on the 22nd August, destroyed another and damaged a Bf110 on the 24th, and shot down two Bf109s on the 28th. He shared a Bf109 kill on the 31st August. His DFC was gazetted on the 13th August 1940. On the 2nd September he claimed another probable Bf109 destroyed.
On the 3rd September 1940 the Squadron was moved to Catterick to rest. Gribble damaged a Ju88 on 27th October over the Cleveland Hills and a He111 southeast of Catterick on the 6th November. When 54 Sqn returned to Hornchurch in February, he was the only original member.
On 4th June 1941 the Hornchurch Wing carried out a sweep in the Calais/Dunkirk/Boulogne area. Gribble led his section to attack two Bf109s, and appeared to sustain damage to his engine. He lost height and was seen to bale out at less than 1500 feet. Despite searches by Air Sea rescue launches, his body was not found.

Gribble was promoted Acting Pilot Officer 7th May 1938, Pilot Officer 7th March 1939, and Flying Officer 3rd September 1940.

Flt Lt Gribble attended Ryde School.
Casualty Details :

Died : 4th June 1941, aged 21.

Commemorated at : Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

CWGC Record
  Commemorated on these Isle of Wight Memorials :

Ryde Borough War Memorial
Ryde School War Memorial
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D G C Gribble
  Documents and Newspaper cuttings :

D G C Gribble
Isle of Wight County Press, 7 September 1940

D G C Gribble
The Times 23 May 1942
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Information and photos provided by : John Bloodworth and Hans Hollestelle
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