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On the riverbank, River Medina, Furrlongs, Newport, Isle of Wight.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial Sculpture is not recorded by the IWM War Memorials Archive.
Historic England Listing Status

The Sculpture is not listed.


An installation of 4 silhouettes cast in steel, representing soldiers of the Parish who died in World War I. Although not naming any specific men, the dedication service highlighted the service of the men of the 1/8th Bn., Hampshire Regiment (Isle of Wight Rifles), and the date of the dedication was chosen as being the 100th anniversary of 12th August 1915 when a significant number of the Battalion strength (some 300 men) were recorded as casualties, with over 85 being killed, in the Gallipoli campaign.

The Memorial Sculpture was dedicated by the Rev. Kevin Arkell, and the interpretation board was unveiled jointly by the Newport Parish Council Chairman, Julie Jones-Evans, and the Isle of Wight Council Chairman, Charles Chapman. Mr Mark Earp, who was involved in the design and commissioning of the sculpture, gave the background to the project and some details of a local family who lost 3 sons and a son-in-law on 12th August 1915 while serving with B Co., Isle of Wight Rifles. Their names are noted below.


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There is no inscription on the Sculpture.

Further Information
NameRank, Service NoLinks
Edward George Urry Rifleman 670 CWGC record ... )
Fredrick Albert Urry Rifleman 853 CWGC record ... ) Biographical Information for the Urry brothers
William Henry Urry Rifleman 2032 CWGC record ... )
Arthur William Richardson Rifleman 1347 CWGC record ...   Biographical Information

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