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St Thomas' Church, Newport, Isle of Wight
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial is not recorded by the IWM War Memorials Archive.
Historic England Listing status

St Thomas Church is Listed Grade I. Since the Memorial plaque is situated within the Church, it is presumed to be covered by the Listing.
Description and history

A Memorial plaque to three bellringers from St Thomas' Church, installed in the belfry on 21st October 1920.

'Executed by Mr J.T. Locke and Mr. Albert Callaway (a ringer).' See newspaper report below.

The Memorial plaque has not been seen or photographed by the Memorials on the Isle of Wight team

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Winchester Diocesan Guild
To the Glory of God
in Sacred Memory of the Fallen
Grandsire Triples
half muffled, 5040 Changes
(Groves' variation of Parker's 12 part)
Was rung in this tower on December 26th, 1917
in 3 Hours 18 Mins by
John Simmonds (treble)Albert Callaway 5
William Chambers 2Harry Phillips 6
William Upton 3Henry Jennings 7
Walter Scott 4John Leal (tenor)

conducted by Henry Jennings.
C.H. Thompson
S.W. Ibbotson
F.J. Webb

Names recorded of those who died
Frederick Chiverton CWGC record ... [Frederick James Chiverton] Biographical information
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers record ...
James Hale CWGC record ... [Alfred James Hale]
James Millgate CWGC record ... [William John Curtis Millgate] Biographical information
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers record ...

F. CHEVERTON [sic] and J. MILLGATE are also named on the Winchester Diocesan Guild of Bellringers War Memorial at Winchester Cathedral.
Documents and newspaper cuttings :

Isle of Wight County Press, 23 Oct 1920


Thanks to Alan Regin for the photograph and other documents and information from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

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