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Parkhurst Cemetery, Forest Road, Parkhurst, Isle of Wight

Burials after World War II

Pre World War I headstones

World War I headstones

Between World War I and II headstones

World War II headstones

Parkhurst Military Cemetery : Cross of Sacrifice
Cross of Sacrifice

Parkhurst Cemetery Index Board

Cemetery Index Board (now removed)

Cemetery Plan, courtesy of Antony Barton. The numbers relate to the visible grave markers in the Cemetery. Click to enlarge.
Burials and inscriptions
Parkhurst Cemetery : 178 : L W Smith (1954) Parkhurst Cemetery : 179 : W T Dummelow (1956) Parkhurst Cemetery : 180 : A R Smith (1958) Parkhurst Cemetery : 180a : D C Maidment (280)
178 :
L W Smith
(d 1954)
179 :
W T Dummelow
(d 1956)
180 :
A R Smith
(d 1958)
180 a :
D C Maidment
(d 2022)



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