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Ypres, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


Many Isle of Wight men lost their lives on the Western Front during WW I, serving with many regiments and units.

These pages provide details of these IoW men (and those with IoW connections) known to be commemorated or buried in the Ypres area in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all the Allied casualties suffered, and it has not been possible to visit all the Cemeteries where Islanders are buried.

Work in progress from July 2015 ... As more cemeteries and headstones are transcribed, they will be added to this index and web pages created.
Memorials and CWGC Cemeteries
Aeroplane Cemetery Aeroplane Cemetery

1 man
E J Rice
Bedford House Cemetery Bedford House Cemetery

6 men
Groves B W, Hawes F L, Leal W A, Mew H A C, Russell T, White O C
Cement House Cemetery Cement House Cemetery

4 men
Barrett E B, Duff R G V, Whittington H J, Windebank P W
Dochy Farm New British Cemetery Dochy Farm New British Cemetery

2 men
Wickens H G
Hooge Crater Cemetery Hooge Crater Cemetery

2 men
Barfoot G A, Wallis E
La Brique Military Cemetery La Brique Military Cemetery

2 men
Glover J W E, Mallard F C
La Brique Military Cemetery Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery

2 men
Brett W F, Wilson T W
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

24 men
Allford W, Appel W H, Askew J W, Attrill A S, Bastiani A H, Burchell E V, Culling J H, Dore H W, Elton F J, Furmidge J H, Harvey A J, Hodges A, McLean W J, Morris A R O, Otter T F, Read H, Read P W, Stephen J A, Stone G A, Stripp W J, Tedder A J, Thorne F, Toppin S M, Wright W G
Menin Road South Military Cemetery Menin Road South Military Cemetery

1 man
Miller F J
Ypres Town Cemetery & Extension Oostaverne Wood Cemetery

1 man
Walford, O R
Passchendaele New British Cemetery Passchendaele New British Cemetery

1 man
Haggard, R L
Passchendaele New British Cemetery Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

4 men
Barber F M, Burchett A, Smith P H L, Taylor W F
Poelcapelle British Cemetery Poelcapelle British Cemetery

3 men
Brown W R, Clarke T W, Riddett, N L
Poelcapelle British Cemetery Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery

1 man
Sheen, D V
Talana Farm Cemetery Railway Dugouts Burial Grond (Transport Farm)

1 man
Mateer, E G
Talana Farm Cemetery St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery

2 men
Whittington J E
Talana Farm Cemetery Sanctuary Wood Cemetery

2 men
Hawkes G N F, Seagrave G J
Talana Farm Cemetery Talana Farm Cemetery

2 men
Bromwell A, Unwin A E
Talana Farm Cemetery Tuileries British Cemetery

1 man
Brown, J E G
Talana Farm Cemetery Tyne Cot Cemetery

9 men
Attrill C, Brown H F A, Cooper F C, Musselwhite O T, Poulter J C W, Purnell S, Snell S R, West H M P, Woodford G H
Tyne Cot Memorial Tyne Cot Memorial

69 men
Adams W G, Baker F, Barton A E, Black D H, Blyth L V, Board J C, Buckingham W J, Burden C V, Bush W J, Bushell A W, Calder G J, Caley V C R, Carpenter E C, Cottell R H, Cox A R, Crews F G, Crooks E A, Dashwood P W, Dore F A, Drudge T A, Dyer W H, Flux B, Grant W A R, Harding H G, Hillier A L, Hislop J, Hobbs W J, Jeffery W C, Life J, Lownds L, Martin C W, Matthews B F, McCaughin D J, Mitchell W J, Montague R H, Moulton E J, Mumford J H V, Myers J F, New W, Norris J, Oatley W A J, Page H G, Pardey W A F, Picknell R W, Rayner T C H, Read F G L, Reason A E D, Riddett A S, Salmon J, Saunders E T, Scott L, Sheaf G A, Spragg J H, Stamp A C, Stockwell G, Stroud W R, Sweetingham P J, Tabor W, Tullidge B H, Urry F W, Urry H C, Vallender A V, Warren A, Way H L, Westbrook O, White G, Wiggins C W, Wilson B, Wines E
Ypres Town Cemetery & Extension White House Cemetery

3 men
Swain C D D, Levinge R W, Pryke G
Ypres Town Cemetery & Extension Woods Cemetery

1 man
Thomson A J
Wytschaete Military Cemetery Wytschaete Military Cemetery

2 men
Gray W G, Oakley F J
Ypres Town Cemetery & Extension Ypres Town Cemetery & Extension

5 men
Prince Maurice of Battenberg, Claybyn W A, Pryce-Hamilton C F, Shedden G P (main cemetery)
Boyce J F (extension)
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