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Streets in Holy Trinity Parish, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

During the Great War, a number of Shrines were erected in the streets of the parish of Holy Trinity in the town, to acknowledge the service of local men in the conflict. A dedication service was conducted on 29th November 1916 as described below. None of these shrines still exist.

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Newspaper reports :


Friday, December 1, 1916 Page 5


- On Wednesday several tablets which have been placed in different streets in the parish of Holy Trinity, and on which the names of those parishioners serving in the Army and Navy are inscribed, were dedicated by public services. At the Church a prayer was said by the Vicar, Rev. A.P. Clayton, (1) and a hymn was sung. Afterwards the clergy and choir, preceded by a cross-bearer and a chorister carrying the Union Jack, marched in procession to the various shrines, a large number of members of the congregation following. Arrived at each shrine, Mr. Clayton read a dedicatory prayer - (at the first the Lord's prayer was said) - and also the names of those serving in the particular part of the parish where each tablet is erected. One verse of a hymn was sung at each stopping place. The shrines have been fixed in commanding positions in the following streets: High Street, West Street, North Street, Clarence Road, South Street (affixed to the Parish Room), St. Catherine's Street and Madeira Road. Returning to the Church, the National Anthem was immediately sung, several intercessory prayers recited, and the service concluded with a hymn and the Benediction. The out-door portion of the ceremony attracted great interest among the townspeople. The several Rolls of Honour contain the names of 260 parishioners. The names and particulars of the regiments or ships in which the men are serving were collected by Miss James (2), of Norvic, St. Boniface Road, and it can easily be imagined that the task was no light one.

(1) Revd Arthur Prestwood Clayton (b 1853, Ryde, Isle of Wight). His son, Edward Harold Clayton died later in the War, in 1918.
(2) Miss Theodora James (b 1858, Terling, Essex)

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Janet Griffin for newspaper research
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