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We anticipate that this site will mainly be used by visitors searching for information about former members of their families or about specific aspects of history. For your convenience we have included below some tips about searching the records and provide various means of carrying out searches from this page.

There are two ways of searching, either using the FreeFind option on the left, which searches all words, and which cannot be ordered, or the more structured search on the right, which searches for Names | Locations | Wars.

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The site is primarily organised as a directory of locations. These are defined on the Memorials page. In addition we have extracted the names of all ships mentioned on the memorials and presented them in alphabetical order on the Ship Index page. The whole site is searchable by filling in a keyword in the box below and pressing the 'Find!' button. A Site Map is also available below.
Note: the names on all memorials have been transcribed exactly as written. This means that there is no common format for the names, first names may be shown in full, as initials or in a shortened form, and may come before or after the surname. There may or may not be full stops after initials.
Frequently there are also discrepancies between the names on the memorials, and those held in the Official records.

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