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In St John's Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight College was formed in 1880 as a Limited company offering a public school education to boys from about 8 to 18 years of age. It was a short lived venture; by 1895, there were legal moves to wind up the company's affairs, but it was not until 1905 that the School was finally closed. It was located in Appley House, the former home of a Mr M Clayton, and at some time neighbouring buildings in Appley Rise were also used. The buildings were sold in 1905 to the Benedictine Order from Solesmes in France, which now form part of St Cecilia's Abbey in Ryde.

The Historical Record of the Isle of Wight College, Apley, Ryde was written by K.J.M. Teesdale in 1934. This contains the Rolls of Honour for the South African War and The Great War which are recorded here. It is now housed in St John's Church, Ryde in a case beneath the commemorative window for the College which was installed in 1933.

A separate undertaking, Appley House School, was created in the latter part of the 1900's and became Little Appley School, which closed in December 1966.

The Roll of Honour seems to cover pupils from both the Isle of Wight College and Appley House School eras. O.V. indicates Old Vectensian.

See Ryde Borough Great War Memorial for other Ryde names.

[Thanks to the Revd. Hugh Wright for permission to copy the Roll of Honour from the College History]
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[1896] ... H.H. Farmar, Lieutenant, King's Royal
Rifle Corps, died on active service in Egypt.

[1905] ... The Farmar Memorial (Eagle Lectern) was sent to Caris-
brooke Castle Chapel, with the consent of Mrs. Farmar, and the
Memorial Brass was placed in St. John's Church, Ryde.

Further Information
Name        Further information
FARMAR, Hugh Henry Foxcroft Farmar Memorial (Eagle Lectern)

The Memorial Brass has not been located

Killed in South African War
NORTHWAY, R.J. Sergeant Canadian Scouts. Killed at
Rustplatz, Transvaal, 17th February, 1901.
Aged 30.
LACE, F.E. Lieutenant 14th Hussars. Died at Newcastle,
Natal, October 21st, 1901, aged 20, as the
result of a revolver accident.

It is known that 27 O.V.'s served in this War.
In all probability more were engaged.

One O.V. known to have served was Lt Clement Leslie Smith, who subsequently was awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Somaliland campaign. For details see the entry below from Hampshire at the Beginning of the 20th Century

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Further Information
Name        Further information
NORTHWAY, Richard John       Biographical information
LACE, Francis Edward       Biographical information

Killed in Great War
DERRY, R.C.P. 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Hampshire.
Killed at Suvla Bay, 6th August, 1915. Aged 32.
MACLEOD, G.C.S. Captain Black Watch. Killed in France, 13th
May, 1915. Aged 37. D.C.M.
WHITTAM, M.J.G. Lieutenant West Riding Regiment. Killed at
Suvla Bay, August 1915. Aged 21.
BALDERS, A.W. Captain Norfolk Regiment. Killed in the
Cameroons, November 1915.
CREE, A.V. 2nd Lieutenant 10th Regiment Royal Welch
Fusiliers. Killed in the Ypres Salient,
February 1916.
LEVINGE, R.W., Sir, (Baronet) 1st Life Guards. Killed at Ypres,
24th October 1914.
NICHOLSON, V. Flight Lieutenant R.N. Killed at Mudros,
10th July 1916. Aged 30.
NORTHWAY, F.L. Lieutenant Cape Mounted Rifles. Killed at
Sandfontein, S.W. Africa, 26th September 1914. Aged 40.
ALEXANDER, G. Brigade Major. Killed and buried at
Sailly-sur-Lys, August 1917.
LACE, W.H. Major Royal Engineers (T). Killed at
Tournai Belgium, 8th November 1918. Aged 29.
Military Cross.
DASHWOOD, R.P. Second Lieutenant Rifle Brigade. Killed
7th October, 1916. Aged 22.

Further Information

Name        CWGC link        Further information
DERRY, R C P       CWGC record ...       Biographical information
MACLEOD, G C S CWGC record ... Biographical information Memorial in St John's Church
WHITTAM, M J G CWGC record ... Biographical Information
BALDERS, A W CWGC record ... Biographical Information
CREE, A V CWGC record ... Biographical Information
LEVINGE, R W CWGC record ... Biographical information Buried at : White House Cemetery, St Jean-les-Ypres, Belgium
NICHOLSON, V CWGC record ... Biographical Information Also commemorated at Shalfleet St Michael's Church
NORTHWAY, F L CWGC record ... Biographical information
ALEXANDER, G CWGC record ... Biographical Information
LACE, W H CWGC record ... Biographical Information
DASHWOOD, R PCWGC record ... Biographical Information

Another pupil at Appley House School from 1906 - 1910 was George Raymond Dallas Moor who was awarded the VC, MC and Bar in the Great War. Born in Australia, he went on to Cheltenham College, before being commissioned in the Hampshire Regiment. He died of Spanish influenza in 1918. CWGC record ...

He has an entry on the Hampshire Regiment Victoria Cross Memorial at the Hampshire Regiment Museum and his photograph and medals are on display at the Hampshire Regiment Museum, in Winchester.

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