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Name : George Dudley Austin Black (Dudley Black)

Son of : the late George Black, and Florence Jane Black (née Dudley), of Richmond, Surrey. George Black died in 1905; Florence Black died in 1908.

Born : 23 March 1896, Richmond, Surrey.

  Census information :

1901 : George and Florence Black, with their children, including George aged 5, are at 10, Queens Road, Richmond, Surrey. George Black is a Solicitor. George D Black is listed last, after the servants !

1911 : George D A Black, aged 16, is shown as an "Inmate / Student" of St Andrew's College, Bradfield, Berkshire.
  Service Details :

Lieutenant George Dudley Austin Black, C Coy., 22nd Bn., Royal Fusiliers.

  Casualty Details :

Died : 21 June 1916, aged 20.

Buried at : Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, Pas-de-Calais, France.

CWGC Record
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Seaview St Peter's Church Black Memorial Window
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  Further information :

Will Handley writes :

My great uncle was generally known as Dudley Black; his first given name only appears in official records.

As far as I can recall, after my Great Grandparents (George & Florence Mary) died, Dudley, who was younger than his three sisters, was looked after by my Grandmother Mary Constance Black, who held off marrying her future husband William Joseph (Peter) Terry until Dudley was old enough. Allegedly this was greatly to my Grandfather's annoyance! I have not got a note of their marriage date but guess it was around the end of 1911 or beginning of 1912. (They married on 1 June 1912 at St Peter's Church, Seaview - Ed.) They had three children, all girls, between 1912 and 1922, the last being my Mother. So I guess my Grandmother would have been his next of kin when it came to dealing with probate.

In respect of the census, I have not got a clue why he would be listed last. I suspect that in the 1911 census, your guess in respect of his description as an "Inmate of Bradfield College" is probably correct. He was in the OTC at school and consequently fairly rapidly commissioned in the Royal Fusiliers when he joined up.

I think your guess that the family were "Out of Towners" is correct but don't know whether they owned a place in Seaview or just rented. I do know that the older members of the family had a strong attachment to the place. They certainly spent most of their holidays there. I think the connection was broken during the First War when my Grandparents moved firstly to Rugby where my Mother and her older sister were both born and later they bought a house in Littlestone-on-sea in Kent and thereafter they spent their "out of town" time there and probably made it their main home with my Grandfather commuting to London on a weekly basis as he had a flat there. My Grandmother went on to be a Councillor for New Romney and was the first woman to hold such a post, so that must have been their principle residence!

My Mother spent most of the Second War in Littlestone, where she met and married my Father, who was also in the Royal Fusiliers!

Attached are a few photos that relate to Dudley and the family. The one of Dudley [5.] with his sisters shows him holding my Grandmother's hand; the wheelchair one [3.] (my Grandmother broke her ankle) and the Easter 1911 photo [2.] were taken in the IoW and the cross [6.] is his grave taken in 1919 when my Grandmother visited it after the War. The colour photo [1.] of the grave is from my visit in 2008. The photo [4.] of his medals on a WW1 uniform was taken at a commemoration day at St Nicholas Church New Romney in 2008 (the uniform is correct but was not Dudley's and was done for display). Just as an afterthought I have included a photo [7.] of the memorials for my Grandparents in St Nicholas - not relevant but interesting trivia!
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National Probate Calendar 1916
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Bradfield College website
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Will Handley for photographs and other background research.
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