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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Newport-
- Isle of Wight County Press Employees' War Service 1914 - 1920 -

Report from the Isle of Wight County Press Jubilee booklet published in 1935

This commemorates the War Service of the newspaper's employees and names them as follows :

EntryFull name1911 occupation1911 addressOther information
C.W. Brannon, August 1914 - July 1919, I.W. Rifles. Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine. Charles Wilfred Brannon   Clatterford, Carisbrooke Son of the County Press Managing Director, George Alfred Brannon  
G.R. Barrett, October 1916 - March 1919, R.A.S.C., M.T.; London. George Robert Barrett Newspaper Clerk 15 Medina Avenue, Newport    
W.H. Baker, Sept 1914 - December 1914, called up with National Reserve, and posted to 5th Hants. William Henry Baker Printer Compositor 1 Wolseley Terrace, Fairlee Road, Newport    
C.W. Baker, June 1916 - October 1919, 12th Hampshires, Salonica. Charles William Newspaper Ckerk 1 Wolseley Terrace, Fairlee Road Newport son of the above William Henry Baker  
C.J. Minns, May 1916 - April 1919, 2/8th and 1/7th Hampshires; India. Charles John Minns Journalist Paramatta, Newport Road, Cowes    
W.G. Sibbick, November 1915 - March 1919, Army Gymnastic Staff; France. Walter George Sibbick Journalist Bowcombe Barn Farm, Carisbrooke    
R.T. Lawn, August 1914 - March 1916, I.W. Rifles; Gallipoli. Robert Talbot Lawn Printer's Machine Minder 33 Victoria Road, Newport    
W.P. Wickenden, August 1914 - January 1919, Corps of the School of Musketry. William Percy Wickenden Printer High Street, Wootton    
R.H. Allen, September 1914 - April 1919, I.W. Rifles and 6th Hampshires; India and Mesopotamia. Robert Henry Allen Telegraph Messenger 1 Dover Terrace, East Cowes    
S.E. Leigh, October 1916 - October 1919, 6th Essex and other regiments; France. Samuel Edwin Leigh Compositor 10 Lugley St, Newport    
P.C. Morgan, October 1916 - May 1919, 6th Essex. Percy Charles Morgan Compositor 12 Caesars Road, Newport    
E. Melhuish, October 1916 - March 1919, 13th Devons, Ireland. Ernest Wilfred Melhuish Compositor 39 West Street, Newport    
C. Young, August 1914 - May 1919, I.W. Rifles and Army Pay Corps. Charles Young Printer Butt's Road, Haylands, Near Ryde    
F.A. Appel, August 1916 - October 1919, R.A.S.C.; France. Francis Augustus Appel Cowman Rosemary, Shide Road, Newport    
F.J. Edwards, September 1914 - March 1919, 1st Hampshires, wounded and prisoner of war. Frederick J Edwards (?)        
B.P.R. Smith, June 1918 - March 1920, 53rd Hampshires, England and Germany. Baden Percy Redvers at school 30 Clarence Road, Newport    
J.R. Montgomery, May 1917- February 1919, 18th Hampshires and other regiments; France.          
C.H. Gifford, December 1914 - July 1919, I.W. Rifles; Egypt and Palestine. Charles Hembery Iremonger Gifford at school St Cross St, Newport    
R.J. Dore, January 1918 - October 1919, 3rd Hampshires, Royal Wilts Yeomanry, and Royal Scots; Ireland and North Russia. Reginald John Dore at school 12 Fairlee Cottages, Newport    
L.N. Hatcher, August 1914, I.W. Rifles, missing, believed killed, Suvla Bay, August 1915. Lawrence Norman Hatcher Labourer, Newspaper Printing 34 Caesars Road, Newport CWGC record
A Memorial plaque to L.N. Hatcher was installed at the County Press print works, but its current status is not known

Other members of the County Press staff in 1914, no longer with the firm, who joined the Services were

R. Bottle          
A. Whiston          
F.W. Small          
M. Priestley          
M. Wavell

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