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Normandy, France


Many Isle of Wight men lost their lives in the Normandy campaign of 1944-45, serving with many regiments and units.

These pages provide details of these IoW men (and those with IoW connections) known to be commemorated or buried in Normandy. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all the Allied casualties suffered.
Memorials and CWGC Cemeteries
Banneville-la-Campagne CWGC Cemetery Banneville-la-Campagne CWGC Cemetery T.F. Chambers, H.V. Lowe, W.J.J. Sandy, H.E. Webster
Bayeux Memorial Bayeux Memorial F.D. Arnold, N.S. Blow, J. Cawte, R.T. Drage
Bayeux CWGC Cemetery Bayeux CWGC Cemetery G. Archer, A.H.G. Carpenter, L.S. Chandler, L.F.J. Gates, W.H.A. Hall, B. Henley, C.B.C. Needham, R. Whittington
Douvres La Delivrande CWGC Cemetery Douvres La Delivrande CWGC Cemetery T. Kane
Hermanville CWGC Cemetery Hermanville CWGC Cemetery L.R. Cass
Hottot-les-Bagues CWGC Cemetery Hottot-les-Bagues CWGC Cemetery L.A.J. Day, L.C. Realey
Ranville CWGC Cemetery Ranville CWGC Cemetery J. Farr, M.D. Minter
St. Manvieu CWGC Cemetery St. Manvieu CWGC Cemetery C.N. Hayward, J.S. McGregor, A.J. Vardon, H.O.S. Voss, K.F. Williams
Tilly-sur-Seulles CWGC Cemetery Tilly-sur-Seulles CWGC Cemetery E.R. Newnham


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