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Gallipoli, Turkey


Many Isle of Wight men lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915, serving mainly with the 2nd Bn Hampshire Regiment, the 1/8th Bn Hampshire Regiment (the Isle of Wight Rifles) and the Australian and New Zealand Forces.

These pages provide details of these IoW men (and those with IoW connections) known to be commemorated or buried on the Gallipoli peninsular. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all the Allied casualties suffered.

Memorials and CWGC Cemeteries

Helles Memorial Helles Memorial See Helles pages for the names recorded on the Memorial
7th Field Ambulance CWGC Cemetery 7th Field Ambulance CWGC Cemetery G. Chick, J. Cook, A.C. Coward, E.G. Dimmer, G. Dunn, S.C. Ginger, H. Hayden, W. Sharpe, A.G. Silsbury, F. Smith, G.F. Walker, R.A. Weaver, W.G. Young
Ari Burnu CWGC Cemetery Ari Burnu CWGC Cemetery G.H. Weaving, H.A. Campbell
Chunuk Bair (NZ) Memorial Chunuk Bair (NZ) Memorial R.G. Hopkins
Embarkation Pier CWGC Cemetery Embarkation Pier CWGC Cemetery P.E. Ellaway, A.V. Salter
Hill 10 CWGC Cemetery Hill 10 CWGC Cemetery W.G.M. Dunstan, H. Horscroft, B.H. Wray
Lancashire Landing  CWGC Cemetery Lancashire Landing CWGC Cemetery V. Nicholson (Biographical Information)
M.J.G. Whittam (Biographical Information)
Lone Pine (Australian) Memorial Lone Pine (Australian) Memorial and Cemetery A. Chiverton, T.B. Coleman, B. Dabell, F.G. Hall, G.A. King, H.R.W. Meager, A.S. Rayner, F.D. Thompson, C.W. White
Shrapnel Valley CWGC Cemetery Shrapnel Valley CWGC Cemetery M.T. Carre, R.J. Saunders
Twelve Tree Copse CWGC Cemetery Twelve Tree Copse CWGC Cemetery - details awaited R.C.P. Derry
B. Ussher (Biographical Information)
V Beach CWGC Cemetery V Beach CWGC Cemetery F. Bessant, C.F. Cooper, H.E. Dore


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