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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
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Cowes Civilian Communal Grave
East Cowes Civilian Communal Grave

Many of the civilians killed on the Isle of Wight during World War II are recorded on Memorials throughout the Island, for example, at Ventnor, and the Fire Service personnel at Shanklin. The communal graves of those killed in the air raids on Cowes and East Cowes also list those killed.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintain records of the Civilian War Dead as well as those of service deaths. These indexes have been extracted from the CWGC records and are categorised by the then local authority responsible for recording and notifying such deaths. Most are from the major conurbations; the Isle of Wight Rural District covers a number of deaths in rural areas, mainly the West Wight.

Click on the name of the Reporting Authority :
  Cowes, Urban District

  Newport, Municipal Borough

  Isle of Wight, Rural District

  Ryde, Municipal Borough

  Sandown & Shanklin, Urban District

  Ventnor, Urban District

Shanklin WW II Memorial


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